HR Services

Payroll Services

Our Payroll services are designed to manage our multinational clients’ day-to-day HR related outsourcing processes on a regional basis.Our outsourcing services increase operation efficiency control and data management as well as provide a single point of accountability to our clients. Services include:
  • Running payroll services in Malaysia, making SP Corporate Services a perfect HR partner for a company with a distributed workforce.
  • Supporting your compliance efforts with tax rules and regulations.
  • Interfacing with state and federal bureaus on your behalf and handling all quarterly and annual reports.
  • Calculating deduction amounts based on individual employee benefits and plan selections.
  • Remitting payments directly to plan providers.
  • Calculating and remitting workers compensation.
  • Providing online invoices and reports that detail all employer payments.
  • Maintaining vacation, sick leave, and other paid time off balances

Executive search services

We are able to assist with searching for and/or appointment of employees and/or directors with specific industry expertise.

Ad hoc project FTE support

Providing (temporary) employee solutions.

Relocation services

Relocating employees to another country can be very cumbersome and time consuming. AMS is able to, in cooperation with local partners, to assist with a smooth transition by assisting with the immigration process and approvals, consulting on labor issues, arranging of housing, property management and overseas shipping.

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