Legal Services

Legal (re)structuring services

We can assist with the coordination and/or implementation of legal or tax (re)structuring of your legal entity or corporate structure.

Draft and review legal documentation

Our seasoned and dedicated team from our affiliated firms are experienced with the drafting and /or reviewing of a wide range of legal documentation for our client entities, if needed in cooperation with external advisors

Due Diligence investigations

A due diligence investigation is carried out as standard for acquisitions and mergers. It is essential for taking important investment and / or acquisition decisions. Nowadays, we also increasingly see requests for due diligence investigation for real estate transactions. It is almost standard to conduct a due diligence investigation when purchasing (commercial) real estate. AMS is able to provide the full range of services, from basic legal CDD services to full “risk” and “key issue”reporting.

Liquidation services

We can assist you by providing a range of services during the life cycle of your entity and we can be your partner from the moment of incorporation until the moment of dissolution. Through our liquidation services, we can arrange for the client entity to be liquidated and dissolved in accordance with local requirements.

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Today, many of our clients look to us as a close business confidant, 120 free spins for real money thanks to our entrepreneurial approach as well as our team of warm, personable professionals. We have earned their trust because we are well-versed in their needs and requests, delivering our services promptly and always at a fair price.

We understand that our clients depend on us and thus reliability is our most important promise.”

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